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The Proposed Allen S. Quimpo Center

The proposed NVC Senior High School Building (ASQ Building) is the latest addition to the growing NVC infrastructure to accommodate the K-12 program of the Department of Education. The building is designed with comfort, efficiency and flexibility in mind. It will initially have 17 standard classrooms (7.00 x 9.00 meters) spread over 2 floors incorporating the principles of natural ventilation and lighting in all the classrooms and the hallways as well. The main entry at the existing NVC Business Center features a covered waiting area for parents & guardians as well as a guard outpost for security. When completed, the whole complex will have 4 floors and will also extend the current Business Center into 4 floors to connect with the new building at the rear. The 3rd floor will have a courtyard which will extend the Library Reading Area into an outdoor oasis with natural light and ventilation as well as a landscaped garden. The completed building will house 40 standard classrooms, faculty room, and library and courtyards with natural light and ventilation on the hallways and classrooms. The ASQ Building will stand as a testament to NVC’s commitment to providing quality education incorporating environmentally sound and friendly infrastructure that encourages learning in a healthy environment as espoused by the late Allen Salas Quimpo for whom the building was named after.