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Steps in Registrations

Changing/ Shifting of courses

  1. Secure and  accomplish an  application form from the Registrar
  2. Seek the approval Of the School Registrar
  3. Return the duly Accomplished  Application to the Registrar for notation

Adding/Dropping of Subject/s

Adding  or changing of subjects must be valid and reasonable. It must be done after the first week of the regular classes. The following steps must be observed:

  1. Secure an application form from Registrars’ Office
  2. Ask for the assessment certification from the Registrar’s office
  3. Return the duly accomplished application to the Registrar for notation

Withdrawal of Enrollment

A student who desires to drop or withdraw his enrollment before the midterm  examination may do so by observing the following:

  1. Secure a dropping form from the Registrar’s office and fill it out
  2. Secure the signature of the instructor of the subject you wish to drop or withdraw
  3. Return the filled-out form to Registrar’s Office