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Sa NVC, Ikaw ang Bida

Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) is a school that offer good quality education, mold students to become competitive and productive citizens of this generation.

What do we expect from NVC? Choosing to study in this school is the best decision you could ever make. NVC holds characteristics worth imparting to its students such as the following. N – Nurturing. The school nurtures students to become effective, efficient, and to have an open mind and heart to face every challenge they may encounter. V – Visible. As we look into its mission and vision, NVC provides access to quality education in the service of truth, equity, humanity, and the world. We can see that the school aims for what is best for the students. C – Competent. The school is ready to impart wisdom and knowledge to the students for the betterment of their future.

In addition to that, NVC offers affordable tuition fee and scholarship grants for deserving students. The buildings are fully structured and are conducive to learning. These provide students an easy yet fun learning experience. Indeed “sa NVC, ikaw ang bida.”.

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