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School Hymn

NVC Hymn

Awake, O youth of my country
And gird yourselves for the future
Weapon yourselves with wisdom
and buckle the swords of right.

Legions are the task awaiting
For gifted sons and daughters
Awake, therefore for the dawn
warms the land with light.

Unfurl the standard NORTHWESTERN
and vanguard of all new trails
Let it forever be on the lead
While we do follow through.

Keep that banner unsullied
Through tempest rain and stress
Hold high the truth NORTHWESTERN
Flag of the new born day.

NVC March

Go you Northwestern
Break right through the line
With the colors flying
We will cheer you all the time

Go you Northwestern
Fight for victory
Spread far the fame of our fairname
Go Northwestern win that game
(Boys whistle)

Hit them high,
Hit them low
Go, Norhtwestern Go!