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Vision, Mission, Goals & Principles


  • The Northwestern Visayan Colleges shall provide access to quality education in the service of truth, equity, humanity and the world.


  1. To serve as the center of academic excellence, research, instruction, extension and development.
  2. To provide access to education for those with less in life through scholarships, work for study, other grants and benefits.
  3. To educate and train Filipinos to be globally competitive, service oriented, patriotic, responsible and productive citizens.
  4. To inculcate love of country, responsible choices and care for the preservation of the environment, ecology and humanity.
  5. To develop personal growth through principled, just and truthful values of character.


  1. To improve the quality, relevance and comparability of all its course offerings, academic programs, curriculum, facilities, faculty and accreditation.
  2. To sustain and expand access to education of poor but deserving students through a program of assistance, scholarships, alternative modes of learning.
  3. To promote Information Technology (IT) education, skills and utilization.
  4. To improve the responsiveness of the school program to meet global requirements.
  5. To enhance student and faculty performance and graduate employability.
  6. To promote active partnership to local and national government programs and contribute to political, economic, social cultural and sports development.


  1. The school shall be the place where the members shall dedicate themselves to the development of the human potentialities, guided by the love of God, country and fellowmen.
  2. The school recognizes the right as well as obligations of students. The students have the right to receive quality education, to be represented in all matters affecting their status (the right to self-organization), freedom of expression (pursuit of the truth and research), to avail of services, scholarship assistance and other benefits.
  3. The NVC is a non-sectarian institution of higher learning. It shall foster spirituality, love of God and fellowmen and the freedom of belief & worship.
  4. Academic excellence shall be pursued at all times. Academic freedom shall be recognized in the higher education. Research shall be encouraged.
  5. The school shall be an active partner to local, national and international undertakings of education.