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The Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC), a non-sectarian institution of higher learning, conceivd in freedom and democracy dedicated to the ideals of love, affirms, and vows its commitment to the cause of truth, to impart the art of sciences, culture, and history, and all related studies guided by reasons for the purpose of contributing its value to the formation of progressive and humane society, and a responsible citizenry. Its course offerings are designed to ptoduce honest, patriotic and dignified leaders in their respective field, worthy of emulation and respect. NVC molds graduates who are God loving, loyal and faithful to the Philippines and the Filipinos.

Founded on April 7, 1948 with the noble purpose of offering education in the atmosphere of religious freedom, the NVC stood and survived all odds and test to the times throughout its 69th continuous years of existence and services. With its development is the growth of the province, the educational upliftment of the youth. Today, NVC is an exemplifies progress, an epitome of an institution ever-growing, improving and expanding. From the modest beginning, the NVC today has grown into a complex of educational institution with five exemplified campuses and CSQ Gymnasium.Four years ago, it opened the NVC Hotel Carmen and HRM Building. It addded the left wing of the RSQ Building, consisting of 5 classrooms, a dental/medical clinic, research office and NVC Center for International Studies. These are NVC’s contribution to Aklan trust of a world class tourism promotion and destination.

To serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters who are unable to go to formal school, NVC is now extending its services to those willing and able to study at their own pace, time and place. The curriculum offerings of NVC in the Basic ducation Program is in accord with the present K to 12 Curriculum.

NVC is active in the field of Research and is presently in partnership with the Philippine International Center for Mangrove Studies. It has attracted foreign investors to engage in Mangrove research preservation, rehabilitation and development. NVC is also the first to have International Educational linkages with Kainan University in Taiwan, Sookmyung Womens University in South Korea. An exchange program in technology transfer has been established between NVC and Seoul Gangseo Campus of Korea Polytechnic.

NVC has formalized linkages with Fujian Normal University, Fujian, Peoples Republic of China in the teaching of Chinese Mandarin in Aklan. The linkagw is in its fifth year today. It offered a Korean Language course in Summer 2016.In recognition of its academic excellence, NVC has agreed with the International Federation of Beauty Culturist (IFBC) of Seoul, South Korean to jointly implement educationaland cultural project on beauty care in Aklan.

Previous years performance in professional board examinations for teachers (LET) and Criminology are highly comparable with other institution of higher learning. Almost all its AB Masscom graduates are gaifully employed. Thirty eight (38) percent of its graduates passed the KBP Accreditation Test. Indeed, NVC is the paradigm of an ever progresssive educationalinstitution that has sustained the test of time for seven decades of existence.