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  • a. HS card (Form 138) Original copy
  • b. Result of the entrance exam
  • c. 2 pcs. Of 2×2 ID pictures and 2pcs. Of 1×1 ID pictures
  • d. NSO birth certificate ( original copy)
  • a. Transfer credential ( honorable dismissal)
  • b. Certification of grades duly signed by the Registrar (TOR)
  • c. 2 copies of 2×2 and 1×1 ID pictures
  • d. NSO birth certificate
  • a. Original copy of TOR
  • b. 2×2 ID pictures and 1×1 ID pictures
  • c. NSO birth certificate

Upon presentation of a written permit from the mother school, an applicant will be referred to the Dean for accommodation. If the student can be accommodated, he/she is referred back to the Registrar’s Office for enrollment permit then proceed to enroll in any course in the college.